K-12 Teacher Resources

Looking for something for your classroom?  This area will provide links to various programs or resources on campus. 


Classroom Resources to Check Out:

The Mathematics Science Education Center provides access for teachers to classroom materials in mathematics and science, including small robotics kits, science kits, and mahtematics manipulatives.  The center also hosts a variety of professional development or community oriented sessions or workshops each year.  The Center is located on the first floor of the College of Education building.


Is your dream an Ellison Die Cut with hundreds of cuts and stacks and stacks of paper?  Then you'll love the Idea Factory at the Instructional Materials Center (IMC) of the Belk Library at Appalachian. With space available for creating classroom materials, a vareity of curriculum materials, and an ever-expanding maker space on site, you'll find a variety of tools for your classroom.  And don't forget that teachers can use an educators borrower's card to check out materials.  Check with an IMC librarian for details.  



Teacher Videos: 

Want to motivate your students to consider STEM related careers or to use STEM thinking in problem solving? A video by Rolls Royce and featured at STEM Learning shows us just what kinds of questions STEM thinkers tackle! 












Girls in STEM?  YES! Take a look at a New Generation of Women in Science in this video by the Obama White House. 










Women in STEM - What do you wish you had known?  UC Davis shares this video in which STEM professionals reflect on advice for their younger selves.