Regional Science Fair Hosted by AppState

Friday, December 27, 2013 - 10:58pm

Dr Sherman and Ms NikbakhtOn Tuesday 17th December, the week after the semester ended for ASU students, a group of dedicated science and math faculty were on campus for the day as volunteer judges for the regional 3-12 science fair. It was the first year the NC Region 7 (Northwest) Science Fair competition was hosted by Appalachian State University and the event was a huge success. Hundreds of school students and their parents flocked the College of Education building early in the morning with their colorful boards and chatting excitedly. A total of 71 elementary level projects, 118 middle school level projects and 30 high school level projects participated in the competition. In the afternoon, 71 papers were presented by students as part of the Student Academy of Science (for more information about NCSAS go to


Coleman Bailey in the Judges Room

The event was organized by Coleman Bailey, science teacher at Avery High School and Region 7 Science Fair Director. He was assisted by other Avery County science teaching staff (Ms. Susan Hawkins,  Ms. Neva Winters, Mr. Mark Poczontek, Ms. Susan Purser and Mr. Jordan Lancaster) as well as many other volunteers who helped to carry tables and chairs to designated rooms, checked people in, answered questions from nervous parents and basically made sure the event ran smoothly. Dr. Phillip Johnson coordinated the App State side of things and the Mathematics and Science Education Center sponsored the event, including catered breakfast and lunch for the judges.




ASU science and math faculty and students who acted as judges for the morning Science Fair and the afternoon Science Academy included: Dr. Betty Long (Math), Dr. Trina Palmer (Math), Dr. Leah Sherman (Physics), Ms. Wendy Lewis (Chem), Ms. Sherry Nikbakht (Math & Physics), Dr. Al Schwab (Chem), Dr. Mike Hambourger (Chem), Dr. Eric Marland (Math), Ms. Lori Tyler (Math), Dr. Jim Solinsky (Physics), Dr. Brett Taubman (Chem), Dr. Amanda Howell (Chem), Ms. Marta Toran (Biol), Dr. Tonya Coffey (Physics), Mr. Dustin Roten (Physics) and Ms. Hollis Price (Secondary Science Ed). Jeff Goodman (Curriculum and Instruction) put on a fantastic science show between sessions for the students and their parents.

Dr. Palmer and Ms Price

Drs. Coffey, Palmer and Marland discussing strategies
Chemistry faculty Drs. Taubman, Hambourger and Schwab.
Comparing notes
Students and parents checked out the presentations after the judging was complete.
Dr. Goodman put on a science shows between sessions for students and their parents.