First Hardin Park Science Day

Wednesday, January 6, 2016 - 9:58am

Hardin Park Elementary School had its first Science Day this past Fall and judging from the students’ and teachers’ enthusiasm, and volunteer participant feedback, it was a huge success. The event was led by third grade teacher Ms. Barbara Myers and coordinated by a committee of HPS teachers, including Ms. Amy Forrester, Mr. Ben Reeves, Ms. Anne Wilson, and more. The impressive undertaking consisted of organizing continuous science sessions throughout the day so that all classes (from pre K-8 and including all self-contained classes) would be “doing science” all day, moving from one session to another.  Every single child in the school participated! There were demonstrations, maker spaces, online interactive activities, science movies, coding challenges, rooms for building with K’Nex, STEAM reading corners and lots of mini-workshops to encourage the development of science and engineering practices.

Members of the AppState community helped with the event by putting together and running more than 45 hands-on science sessions between them. Faculty, staff and students from the College of Arts and Sciences, Beaver College of Health Sciences and Reich College of Education participated in the Hardin Park School Science Day. Session topics included the science of sound, microbiology, the chemistry of scents, sustainable energy and comparative vertebrate morphology among many others. As part of their internship, Marta Toran's students in the Middle Grades Education and Secondary Science Education programs also designed lessons aligned with the NC Science Course of Study and taught them to different classes. They all reported that the experience was extremely valuable and made them look forward to starting their student teaching this semester even more.

Below (in no particular order) is the list of AppState volunteers and the topics of the sessions they ran. Thank you to all for your time and effort and to Hardin Park School for inviting us to participate.

  • Dr. Maryam Ahmed- Microorganisms
  • Dr. Tonya Coffey (Dept. of Physics)- Electron Microscopy
  • Marta Toran (Biology)- Fur and Bones
  • Worth Pugh (Biology)- Amphibian Life Cycles
  • Carla Ramsdell (Physics)- Electricity
  • Laura England (Sustainable Development & Biology)- Watersheds and Wetlands
  • Dr. Brett Taubman (Chemistry)- Sensory Bingo
  • Seth Moody and Nick Irwin (Middle Grades Education)- Epidemic!
  • Paige Brown and Emilia Cuevas (Secondary Science Education)- Chemistry of Life
  • Brett Bowen, Dylan Eppley, Greg Locke (Middle Grades Education)- Extreme Weather
  • Tiffany Carter and Hank Mann (Middle Grades Education)- Fast and Slow Earth Changes
  • Dr. Brooke Hester (Physics)- Laser show & Electricity and Light
  • Drs. Jennifer and Kevin Zwetsloot (Exercise Science)- Exercise Science and Muscles
  • Courtney Baines-Smith (Sustainable Development)- Roots, Stems & Leaves
  • David Sitar (Physics)- Sun & Motion
  • Jerry Meyer (Department of Biology) and Will Vannoy (Secondary Science Education)- Plant Adaptations & Reproduction
  • Nancy Wilson & Wendy Lewis (Chemistry)- Convection Currents
  • Olivia Thompson and Amy Peterson (Middle Grades Education)- Aquatic Ecosystems
  • Sam Ball and Nick Behning (Middle Grades Education)- Force & Motion
  • Dr. Leslie Bradbury (Instruction & Curriculum)- Sound
  • Dr. Rachel Wilson (Instruction & Curriculum)- Worms and Soil

Here's a slideshow of pictures taken at the event: